The Finger Story

Dear Fetishists,

The Deadliest Battle in The War of 1812 was the Battle of Raisin River and if you don’t believe us we encourage you to look it up.  WE know stuff.

The Battle was in January, rivers Maumee and Raisin were frozen, Chaos reigned supreme for the Americans because General Hull had been Court Martialed and sentenced to Death, and William Henry Harrison was Unable to convince James Winchester to leave Well and Good enough alone, and Because James Winchester was, well, James Winchester he Odered William Lewis to lead a Raid on the Essex Militia who were Encamped with a group of some 200 Potawatomi.  

How many times must we tell you?  Hubris Benefits no Man.

The Americans won the battle, they fell back, they Celebrated, they were proud.  Pride, boy, I don't know.  They thought, “Indigenous People and Canadians?  Please!”  They thought, “Manifest Destiny?" and then they thought:  "MANIFEST DESTINY!”  They drank.  They Slapped backs.  They reminded themselves of their inherent greatness.  And four days later the British And Indigenous Peoples Forces descended upon those self-same men.  When the battle was complete hundreds were dead, another 500 or so taken prisoner.  

We tell this story first and foremost to remind you that Hubris Benefits no Man.  We tell this story secondly to tell you -- somewhere amidst the smoke and the fear -- a man lost his middle finger.

And that man was James Buchanan.

To celebrate the Loss of James Buchanan’s middle finger 205 years ago -- and also some other stuff too -- we’ve teamed up with the Lancaster Historical Society to release a beer that, you know, celebrates the Loss of James Buchanan’s middle finger.   And other stuff.

We’ll be releasing this beer on Thursday -- it’s an 8%, Madeira Infused, American Stout -- and because we are between we’re going to hold the pick-up at the Brewery (we promised not to do this too often).  We'll be ready for you between 6:30 - 8:30pm, you’ll be getting your usual 4 beers, you’ll be getting the….opportunity to purchase a FoxDuck designed pint glass in order to support the Lancaster Historical Society, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to a 20 minute lecture about Lancaster’s Best American President, and you’ll have the opportunity to taste (and then purchase) the first beer in American History that was brewed with Authentic James Buchanan’s Bones.