Who We Are.  Briefly.

Sometime in 2012 ago brewer Aaron Risser was passing around free bottles of a beer that combined a chocolate stout with, well, a ghost pepper.  And it was great.  Really hot, but really great.  It sort of did a coffee thing, and a chocolate thing, and then a serious-burn-thing.  Some people loved it; some people looked really sad and said, “Why would anyone drink something like this?”.  The three of us drank a bunch of it and said: “We should make more of this.  And we should try to sell it.”

And just like that, Fetish Brewing Company – and our notorious “Ghost Pepper Fetish” beer -- were born[3].

Since that day, we’ve assembled a menu of 27 different Fetishes and brewed and hand-delivered thousands of bottles of beer specifically to a unique community of beer drinkers who we think appreciate our incredibly simple business plan:

  1. Brew very small batches of thoughtfully constructed beer;
  2. Develop sustainable partnerships with local growers and ingredient suppliers;
  3. Partner with the bars and restaurants in Lancaster who support our mission.

And that’s pretty much what we do: we run an awesome brewery up at 201 Rock Lititz Boulevard, we brew beer for our members, we sell a few bottles of beer in stores, we goof around on social media, and we throw a pretty kick-ass party on a farm in the summer.

Want to know more?  Shoot us an email at info@fetishbrewing.com.  We'll reply within many days, we promise.